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QR Sharing (Sharing with Internet) First-Time Setup Guide
QR Sharing (Sharing with Internet) First-Time Setup Guide

Is this your first time sharing QR codes? Then this guide will show you everything to do it successfully with the internet.

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Welcome to PicPic Slide!

PicPic Slide is our premiere slideshow application. It allows you to create a slideshow displaying images, GIFs, and videos. Guests can download files from a QR code when QR Sharing is enabled. Here are a few steps to start sharing without the internet via PicPic Slide!

  1. Guide to creating a PicPic Social account within our online dashboard.

  2. Create a sharing station event in PicPic Social to upload and use to share your files.

  3. Create a Microsite template and assign it to your event. That way, guests receive a link to their file and avoid errors with a too-large attachment.

  4. Guide to adjusting all of PicPic Slide's General settings. Adjust the slideshow to display the QR codes that link to the Microsite.

  5. Guide covering how to modify the way the slideshow displays files.

  6. Guide to using the remote Queue and its functionality.


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