6. Running a PicPic Slide event and using the Remote Queue

Guide to using the remote queue and it's functionality

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Now you are ready to Start PicPic Slide! After pressing the Start button, the slideshow will begin, and the screen will display the Remote Queue below.

You can drag and drop files from the "Next From Event" section to the "Next in Queue" section. It's a helpful way to control what will display next in the Slideshow.

You'll be able to do the following things from the Remote Queue;

  • Shuffle - When enabled, files from the "Next From Event" section will display on the slideshow in random order. Shuffle does not impact "Next in Queue."

  • Pause - This stops the slideshow entirely. It will not begin again until you unpause the Remote Queue.

  • Skip Forward - The slideshow will jump to the following file in either the "Next From Event" or the "Next in Queue" immediately.

To return to the PicPic Slide settings, press the X to exit the Remote Queue.

If you need help after reviewing the guide with setting up PicPic Slide, you can book a 1-on-1 session with one of our technical support agents here or give us a call on our customer support line at +1 (401) 427-4277.

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