Reading the Device Server

Guide to reading the device server and ensuring your guests receive their files.

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Once your PC is set up correctly (and you’ve created your event on the online dashboard), you will be ready for the device server. Right now, we will go over everything you need to know to read and operate the device server at your next event.

How To Update The Device Server

Whenever you make a change online, you must press Update on the Device Server to reflect those changes on the iPad sharing station.

How To Add Watch Folders

Click the Add button to select the Watch Folder for which you want the Device Server to monitor for new video files.

How To Start The Device Server

Press the Start button to display videos on the iPad and upload videos to the online dashboard.

Press Yes if you have any previously existing videos that you would like to upload to the online gallery.

How To Monitor The Gallery Upload Queue

If you are doing a QR code gallery, the Gallery Upload queue is essential.

Please monitor the Gallery Upload queue to see the status of whether your videos have fully uploaded to the Microsite Gallery.

If you encounter any errors, please check your internet upload speeds. You can do so here:

How To Monitor The Sharing Queue

Please monitor the Sharing Queue to see the status of whether your shares have been processed.

If there is an error in the Sharing Queue, you will see it here.

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