1. Create a PicPic Social account

This guide provides instructions on registering for an online account with PicPic Social.

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The PicPic Social online dashboard is a cloud base software. It allows you to create and manage new and existing events. Let’s make your account to begin building your Sharing Station and Virtual Booth events today!

Required Steps

  1. Go to our website (https://picpicsocial.com/) and click the Sign-Up button in the upper right-hand corner.

  2. You will need to fill out your personal (name, email address, etc.) and company-related details.

  3. Remember to enable the option that shows you agree with our Terms and Conditions before clicking Sign Up.

    You can access our login page here (https://app.picpicsocial.com/) if you already have an existing account.

  4. It's time to create your first event!

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