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Microsites (Getting Started Guide)
Microsites (Getting Started Guide)

Guide to creating a branded landing page and galleries called Microsites.

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What are Microsites?

A microsite is a branded landing page that displays all images or videos from a virtual booth or sharing station event. Guests can easily view and share their files captured from the event uploaded from the device server.

Click here for an example of a Microsite!

  1. Guide to setting up the Microsite General settings step for your upcoming event.

  2. Guide to setting up the Microsite Styling settings step for your upcoming event.

  3. Guide to configuring the Microsite sharing options, email embed tags, and uploading a custom social card.

  4. Guide to fully customizing your Microsite templates visuals with the PicPic Social Visual Designer.

  5. Guide to linking your Microsite template to your Sharing Station or Virtual Booth event.

Things That You Need To Know

  • There is no limit to the number of Microsite templates you can create! You can make hundreds of custom Microsite templates for all of your clients.

  • The Microsite gallery only displays files in alphanumerical order. If you would like the most recent files to show first, you should adjust the file output names in your photo booth software.

    For example, if you want the newest files displayed first, have your photo booth software create files with their names counting down like 1000, 0999, 0998, etc.

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