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1. Setting up Microsites General

Guide to setting up the Microsite General settings step for your upcoming event.

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Guide to setting up the Microsite General settings step for your upcoming event. We will go over all of the initial steps for creating your Microsite template and details about labeling, privacy options, etc.

Required Steps

  1. Log into your PicPic Social account.

  2. Click the TEMPLATES option in the navigation bar on the left side of the dashboard.

  3. Click the Microsites template option.

  4. Click the blue and white + button to create a new template.

  5. The "General" step allows you to adjust the Name, Page Title, and Privacy settings for your new Microsite template.

    Name: Enter a text that will allow you to identify and assign your Microsite to your Virtual Booth and Sharing Station events. Your guests and client can not see the text entered here.

    Page Title: This is a short text or description of a webpage that appears at the top of your web browser window when your guests or client visits your event's Microsite gallery or single-image Microsite page.

  6. The "Privacy" section allows you to adjust the amount of security you want on your Microsite. There are three main options that we will discuss below.

    • Enable Gallery Page: Enable this option to allow your guest access to the entire gallery for the event. When this option is disabled, you will encounter an error message when you open the gallery link in your browser.

      • Show Link to Full Gallery: This links to the complete gallery for the event from the single-image Microsite page.

    • Password Protected: This allows you to add a password to your Microsite. You can use this option to reduce the number of persons accessing your event gallery.

    • Operator Must Approve Virtual Booth Photos: When disabled, all Virtual Booth files are automatically visible in the Microsite gallery. Only files approved by an operator are available to be shared via the Microsite gallery.

      Now it's time to adjust the Microsites Styling in Step 2!

Things That You Need To Know

  • Password protecting and disabling the galley page to your Microsite template will also disable the Gallery Embed feature.

  • When "Operator Must Approve Virtual Booth Photos" is enabled, you approve the photos for the Microsite gallery in the Event View Page.

  • Use the "Virtual Booth Photos Must Be Approved by Operator" feature to prevent inappropriate uploads. Have complete control by approving or deleting photos/videos considered harmful before uploading them to your Microsite.

    For your more exclusive events, we recommend that you limit access to your gallery page by adding a password. Only guests with the gallery password can access the files uploaded to the Microsite gallery at the event.

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