2. Create a Sharing event

This guide provides instructions on creating and editing your PicPic Social event settings.

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A sharing event is where you create and set up all of the necessary settings for your upcoming event! Building a sharing event is essential. Without it, it is impossible to start the device server. Here are a few easy steps to start creating your sharing events.

Required Steps

  1. Log into your PicPIc Social account.

  2. Click the New Event button in the upper right-hand corner of the Events page.

  3. Choose Sharing Station as your event type.

  4. The "General" step lets you fill out your event name and date settings.

    Setting the correct date for the event is imperative. If you plan to use it for an actual event, it is crucial to have the valid date and event published to prevent any PicPic Social DRAFT watermarks from applying to your uploaded files.

    In their respective guides, you can learn more about how long sharing station events last and the DRAFT/PENDING watermarks.

    You can click Continue once you've named the event and set the correct date.

  5. The "Sharing" step allows you to enable various sharing options that guests can use at the sharing station. You can use the toggle on the right of each sharing option to have them enabled/disabled.

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Text Messaging, and Printing are all the available sharing options PicPic Social offers. Kindly follow the linked guide for a breakdown of each sharing option.

    You can click Continue after making your selections.

  6. The "Branding" step allows you to customize the look of your Sharing Station. You can adjust the background color/image and upload a custom idle and thank you screen. Feel free to review this guide for an extensive breakdown of the Branding section here. Click Continue to move on.

  7. We discuss the "Add-on" step in greater detail in Part 6 of the first-time setup guide. Add-Ons allow you to enable some of our most advanced software features like disclaimers, watermarking, and Microsites for each event.

    Click Save to complete the setup. Now it's time for Step 3!

Things That You Need To Know

  • Gallery Embed: The gallery embed script allows you to embed the event on your website or your client's.

  • Gallery Link: This is the URL for the individual event's microsite gallery page. You can use the Copy button to share the link with your guests and clients.

  • QR Code: They are scannable patterns/bar codes containing various forms of data. Press this button to create a QR code linking to the individual events Microsite gallery page. Guests can use their smartphones to scan and quickly visit the event's microsite gallery page.

  • Photo List: The catalog of all the photos, gifs, and videos uploaded to the cloud dashboard from your event. You can add, delete, and send the entire photo list uploaded via email or download it from the dashboard.

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