Welcome To PicPic Slide!

PicPic Slide is our premiere slideshow application. It allows you to create a slideshow that can display images, GIFs, and videos. Guests can download files from a QR code when QR Sharing is enabled. Here are a few steps to start sharing via PicPic Slide!

  1. Create a PicPic Social account

    Guide to creating a PicPic Social account within our online dashboard.

  2. Create a Sharing Event

    Guide to creating a sharing station event within your PicPic Social account.

  3. Install PicPic Slide on your photobooth PC

    Guide to installing the PicPic Slide software on your Windows PC.

  4. Configuring PicPic Slide's General Settings

    Guide to adjusting all of PicPic Slide's General settings.

  5. Configuring PicPic Slide's Network/Installing Router

    Guide to adjusting the network settings for QR sharing and installing a router.

  6. Running a PicPic Slide event and using the Remote Queue

    Guide to using the remote queue and its functionality

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