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5. Configuring PicPic Slide's Network/Installing Router

Guide to adjusting the network settings for QR sharing.

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To share at a high level with PicPic Slide will require correctly entering your network settings alongside a dedicated router. We'll cover how to start a guide and router recommendations.

1. Setup Baby Blue Router for QR Sharing

To do QR-sharing at a high level requires using a dedicated router for QR. We recommend using the GL.iNet GL-MT1300 Wireless Router. You can create a captive portal with your router to bump people off your network. The guide below breaks down how to install our recommended router.

2. Adjusting WiFi Network Settings

PicPic Slide should automatically state your PC's current network's name and password when you log in.

You should enter the router's network name and password into these fields if it's blank or the incorrect network.

Select the Step 1 WiFi QR code so guests can join your WiFi network and download their files. Click on the network to select; it will automatically populate the settings with the WiFi information below. If it does NOT, please fill in all the information as accurately as possible.

  1. IP Address - This unique address identifies a device on the internet or a local network. Your IP Address must be correct for guests to download their files from your network.

  2. Mode - Select the correct security mode of your WiFi network. You can choose between the following:

    1. "NONE"

    2. "WEP"

    3. "WPA/WPA2"

  3. Network Name - Enter your WiFi network name in this section.

  4. Password - Enter your WiFi network password in this section.

Important Note: Once connected to the network, your network information will automatically populate in the fields under WiFi. You must change those settings in your network and press refresh only if you feel comfortable modifying your network settings. Changing your WIFI information under the WiFi section may lead to interference in the network. We highly advise against it.

3. Recommendations for an optimal QR Sharing Experience

  • Upgrade your router's firmware.

  • Please ensure the firewalls on your PC is disabled.

  • External antivirus or any security software like Norton or Kaspersky should be disabled.

  • Please ensure you configure your router to be a 5 GHz channel versus a 2.4 GHz connection. You want a 5 GHz connection because a 2.4 GHz channel has more interference and congestion.

  • Please disconnect any unnecessary devices from your WiFi network.

3. Why is my WiFi name and password not automatically populating?

Please click on the WiFi network setting by clicking on the three dots. You may see multiple networks available if you have a WiFi adapter installed.

Please select the correct network you want guests to connect to and download their files. If done correctly, your network credentials will auto-populate in the WiFI section of the application.

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