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3. Install PicPic Slide on your photobooth PC

Guide to installing the PicPic Slide software on your Windows PC.

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Install the PicPic Slide application on your photo booth Windows computer. You'll log in to your PicPic Social account and adjust your Slideshow settings. It will watch for new files from your photo booth software, display them in various ways, and even allow you to share them! Here are the steps you need to install and configure it on your Windows PC.

Installing PicPic Slide on your PC

  1. Download the PicPic Slide application from our PicPic Social website here.

  2. Scroll to the PicPic Slide section and click Go to Downloads.

  3. Click the button Download for PicPic Slide.

  4. When the download is complete, begin the installation by double-clicking the file. Please check your PC's Downloads folder (CTRL+J) if you have issues locating the installation file.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Windows may state that the device server installation file is unsafe. Click More Info > Run Anyway to get the installation process started.

  5. Please follow the series of prompts to have the application installed in the default location on your computer.

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