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Virtual Booth - First Time Setup Guide
Virtual Booth - First Time Setup Guide

Are you a PicPic Social Beginner? Then this guide will show you how to create a PicPic Social Virtual Booth event successfully!

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Welcome To PicPic Social!

This article serves as a quick guide to help get the ball rolling with creating a PicPic Virtual Booth event. We summarize the setup process into bite-size pieces that should have you up and sharing in no time. Let’s get started!

  1. Guide to creating a PicPic Social account within our online dashboard.

  2. Guide to creating a Virtual Booth event within your PicPic Social account.

  3. Guide to sharing from your Virtual Booth event.

  4. Guide covering all of the advanced features/add-ons of a PicPic Social Virtual Booth event.

Things That You Need To Know

  • Photos taken with the Virtual Booth will have a DRAFT watermark during the free trial period.

  • Please download all of the graphical assets below (overlay, background, and logo file) so that you can follow along with the Virtual Booth video tutorial above!

    Below is the required button color/hex code so you can customize the color of various styling elements of the Virtual Booth.


  • Do you need Virtual Booth Graphics & Overlays?

    You can find the overlay used for this example at Paddee. Paddee is a PicPix Inc. service that provides over 5000+ photo booth templates. All of them you can easily edit right within your browser. No Photoshop is needed!

    You can also request custom designs and graphics like the ones used for the Virtual Booth background in this guide. Click the button below to find out more information about Padee!

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