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3. Start Capturing!
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You've created your event, and you are ready to go! Guests can now begin capturing photos using your PicPic Social virtual booth link. Now let's discuss how to distribute your virtual booth link!

  1. How do I capture files with the Virtual Booth?

    Here is an example virtual booth event that you can test to see how the Virtual Booth works:

    You can also scan the QR Code to try out the virtual booth for yourself:

  2. Where do I find my Virtual Booth Link?

    After saving your event, the dashboard will bring you to the Event View page. You can find the link to your virtual booth on this page.

    This link you'll distribute on Facebook, Zoom Webinars, and even put them on flyers for people to take photos with during the event. Please copy the link for your event and paste it into the web browser's address bar.

  3. Where do I find the gallery with all of the photos taken?

    You will also find the Microsite gallery link on the Event View Page. Please copy the Gallery Link for your event and paste it into the web browser's address bar to see all photos taken.

    You can also embed the gallery on a webpage. Please copy the Gallery Embed Code for your event and paste it into your preferred web builder content.

  4. How do I create a QR Code for the Virtual Booth and Gallery Links?

    You can press the QR code button to download a PNG image of the QR Code. When guests scan the QR Code, it will take them to either the Virtual Booth to capture the photo or the Gallery to view/download the files depending on which one you download.

  5. How do I remove photos from the gallery?

    You can remove photos/files by selecting them on the Photo List on the Event View Page. Here is a video of me deleting images from an event below:

  6. How do I change the URL of my Virtual Booth and Gallery link?

    You can change the URL in two ways:

    • Grey Label: You can change the URL to from We (PicPic Social) own the domain, but your clients and guests won't be able to trace it back to us in any capacity. You can access the Grey Label domain on the Market Leader plan.

    • White Label: You can change the URL to a personal domain that you own from You can access the White Label domain on the Agency plan.

      If white labeling your domain is something you'd like to pursue, please check out the following guide: How To White Label Your Virtual Booth URL

  7. Can I embed my virtual booth link/iFrame Code?

    Yes! The ability to load the Virtual Booth in an iFrame is possible with the Agency plan. Once subscribed, contact us, and we'll generate a personal iFrame code for your account.

  8. What web browser should I open the Virtual Booth link with?

    You should instruct guests to use the default browser with their smartphone or tablet device.

    I.E., if guests use an iPhone, they must use the Safari browser. If guests use an Android smartphone, they need to use the browser app or the default system browser.

    Guests should use the web browser their Android device comes with pre-installed. Sometimes that is Google Chrome, and other times, it may not be.

    You can find out more about the Virtual Booth Add-ons section in Step 4 below!

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