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How To White Label Your Virtual Booth URL
How To White Label Your Virtual Booth URL

Learn how to whitelabel your virtual booth domain for your upcoming event!

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The default URL for Virtual Booth events is You can White Label the base URL so that the Virtual Booth and its Microsite points to your own domain. An example of a customized Virtual Booth White Labeled URL would be like the following below:

To use the White Label feature you must subscribe to the Agency plan.


  1. Create Subdomain

  2. Add Subdomain To Your White Label Settings

  3. Update Your Domain DNS Settings

  4. Select Your White Labeled Domain In Your Event Settings

1. Create Subdomain

Let’s say for example your company's website is You cannot use without breaking your website. Your only option is to create a subdomain for

An example of a subdomain is

The subdomain can be anything you want that you want it to be. For this example, we are going to use the word ‘app’ in front of our root domain but it can essentially be anything that you would like. Common subdomains that are used for the Virtual Booth are APP, VB, and XP.

How to create a subdomain is going to vary depending on your web host but here is a guide from some of the more popular web hosts:

We recommend NameCheap but please contact your web host on how to create a subdomain if you do not see it above.

2. Add Subdomain To Your White Label Settings

Go to the Settings section of your PicPic Social dashboard. Then go to the White Label section. Once in the White Label section, click the + button to add a new domain.

To access the White Label section you must be already subscribed to the Agency plan.

Enter the subdomain that you have decided on. For our example, we are going to use for our subdomain.

3. Update Your Domain DNS Settings

In your domain’s DNS setting please create a CNAME record and TXT record with the following content you are provided:


Please pay attention to how the Name and Content/Value are added in the Namecheap example below. Every host is going to have different requirements.

For NameCheap, only dbaa28e3.testing is needed. The root domain, is not needed.

Once the CNAME and TXT records are properly entered, click the Verify button in the PicPic Social dashboard White Label settings to confirm. It may require 24-48 hours for your DNS settings to propagate so that they can be verified.

If it’s an established domain that you purchased previously, it can propagate and be verified as soon as 5 minutes after being created like below:

4. Select Your White Labeled Domain In Your Event Settings

When creating/editing your event go to the GENERAL tab and select the custom white-labeled domain you’ve added from the dropdown menu. Continue to click all of the required checkmarks to save the event.

Once complete your booth link URL, microsite gallery URL, and microsite gallery embed code URL will then be updated with your custom domain like below:

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