2. Create a Virtual Booth event
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This guide provides instructions on creating and editing a PicPic Social Virtual Booth event. The event setting is where you make and set up all of the necessary settings for your upcoming Virtual Booth! Here are a few easy steps to start building your Virtual Booth events.

Required Steps

  1. Log in to your PicPic Social account.

  2. Click the New Event button in the upper right-hand corner of the Events page.

  3. Choose a Virtual Booth as your event type.

  4. The "General" step allows you to fill out your event's name and, most notably, your event's date settings.

    Setting the correct date of the event is imperative. If you plan to use it for an actual event, it is crucial to have a valid date and your event published to prevent the PicPic Social DRAFT watermark from being applied to the files captured.

    Here are a couple of things about event dates that you must know:

    • Virtual Booth events can last up to seven days.

    • Virtual Booth events can last longer than seven days if you are on the Agency plan.

    • You can adjust the "Start Date" field and the "End Date" field in the general section.

    • Unlike a Sharing event, you can set a "Start Time" and "End Time" for your event.

    • Virtual Booth events will display "Coming Soon" if you publish them before their Start date.

    Click Continue once you've named the event and set the correct date and time.

  5. The Experience tab allows you to design the virtual booth user experience. This tab is where you create the type of photo, GIF, or burst you want your guests to take with the virtual booth.

    You can also select AR props and upload stickers and backgrounds for background removal in the experience section.

    • Click the +/plus sign to add new experiences to your event.

    • Click on the + Create button at the bottom of the ADD EXPERIENCE section.

    • You'll then arrive at The Experience Editor. Name your new experience and select the preset option you would like to create. You can choose from the following:

      • STILL - an ordinary photograph that is not a video, movie, etc.

      • GIF - Combination of multiple images that usually range from 3-5.

      • BURST - Combination of numerous photos taken consecutively and quickly.

    After selecting your preset, please upload your overlay by uploading your template to the Add Overlays section.

    You can add Background Removals, A/R Props, and Stickers to your experience too.

    Once done, click "Save" on the right-hand side corner and continue to the "Customizations" section.

  6. The "Customization" step allows you to customize the look of your Virtual Booth event. Check out this guide for an extensive breakdown of the Customization section here. Click Continue to move to the next step.

  7. The Add-On step lets you enable some of our most advanced software features like Data Capture, Surveys, and Microsites for each event. We discuss the "Add-on" step in greater detail in part 4, but you can check it out (here).

  8. Click "Save" to complete the setup. Now it's time to start capturing files with your Virtual Booth URL in Step 3!

Things That You Need To Know

  • Virtual booth works on all smartphone devices with a camera (cellphones, tablets, iPad, PC).

  • The Virtual Booth allows you to configure ongoing events; if you have a reoccurring event, you can create an event and select the start dates and end dates to run through the recurrence.

    Important Note: Multi-Day events exceeding seven days are only available with the Agency plan.

  • If you have multiple events and want to use the same virtual booth link, you can use the same Slug. (The Slug can be found in your event settings' "General" section.

    Important Note: You can only use the same Slug for one event at a time. The text entered for the Slug must be lowered case as well.

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