Setup Background Removal in 3 Easy Steps!

A step by step guide on how to properly setup background removal in PicPic Social.

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Step #1 - Add Funds To Your Account

Go to the SETTINGS of the dashboard and go to the BALANCE section. Add funds to your account by pressing the TOP UP button. You can add funds to your account in $25 increments or adjusted it to what ever you feel comfortable with.

You can also purchase credits in bulk by email or message us in the chat. Here is the pricing for bulk funds:

$15 for 100 credits ($0.15/credit)

$120 for 1,000 credits ($0.12/credit)

$250 for 2,500 credits ($0.10/credit)

$450 for 5,000 credits ($0.09/credit)

$750 for 10,000 credits ($0.075/credit)

Step #2 Create Your Experience / Upload Your Overlay

Time to create your Experience for Background Removal! If you already have a previously existing experience that you would like to enable it for please feel free to skip to Step #3.

If you don't have a transparent overlay for this part you can download the one that I used here. You can find all of our designs specifications for the virtual booth here as well.

Make sure you adjust the Photo Frame Size to 550x550. We will discuss this more in-depth in Step #3 below...

Step #3 Enable Background Removal / Upload Background File

You are now ready to upload your file to replace guests' backgrounds with. When uploading a file for background removal, the dimensions should be the same as the photo frame size you adjust it to.

In our example it the Photo Frame Size is 550x550. So our cloud background image we uploaded is the same exact size. Making sure it's the same size assures that it runs as quickly as possible during the process. You can download the cloud image that we used in the example above from here.

For this example I selected STATIC for the kind of background Removal but you can find out about each specific kind that you can select in this article here.

You are also given the option to Force BG Removal. By enabling this checkbox, the background will be removed as soon as the user saves. If disabled, the user will be given a choice to remove the background or not.

Once completed you can save your experience by pressing the Blue Checkmark Button in the upper right hand corner of the editor.

You are now complete!

You can now select the experience that we created in your Virtual Booth event if you haven't done so already. Feel free to test out the experience we made with our super cool cloud background here.

Happy Background Removing! 😁

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