Welcome To PicPic Social!

This article serves as a quick guide to help get the ball rolling with creating a PicPic Sharing event. We summarize the setup process into bite-size pieces that should have you up and sharing in no time. Let’s get started!

  1. Create a PicPic Social account

    Guide to creating a PicPic Social account within our online dashboard.

  2. Create a Sharing Event

    Guide to creating a sharing station event within your PicPic Social account.

  3. Setup the Device Server

    Guide to installing and configuring the PicPic Social Device Server software on your Windows PC.

  4. Setup the Sharing Station

    Guide to downloading and connecting your PicPic Social Sharing Station to PicPic Social Device Server.

  5. Start Sharing!

    Guide to sharing from your sharing station and the different modes to display your files.

  6. PicPic Share - Add Ons

    Guide covering all of the advanced features/add-ons of a PicPic Social Sharing Station event.

Things That You Need To Know

  • During the free trial period, photos that appear on your Sharing Station will have a DRAFT watermark.

  • If you have an account already subscribed to a plan, you will see a PENDING watermark when you test before your event date.

  • You should ALWAYS bring your own hotspot/internet to EVERY event. Rule #1 – Never Rely On Venue/Client Wi-Fi! A 5ghz hotspot from your cell phone provider is a must-have.

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