1. Create your Virtual Booth event. Make sure the date is current. Only present or future dated Virtual Booth events will display on the Device Server and Slide Show app.

  2. Device Server - Select the Virtual Booth event from Device Server dropdown menu and then press Start.

    You will encounter a popup in regards to the Text Messaging. Please press "YES. Start the device server without Text Messaging."

    You will then encounter a message in regards to Printing existing images generated from the Virtual Booth.

    This depends on your event. If you would like to automatically print images captured from the Virtual Booth, please press YES. If you do not and would only like for new images to be printed moving forward, please press NO.

  3. Slideshow - Make sure you have the latest version of the Slideshow app installed. You can download it from here.

    Once you open and log into the Slideshow app you will be brought to the main screen like in the video below.

    Select your Virtual Booth event from the dropdown menu and then press Start to begin displaying images like so...

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