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How To Print Virtual Booth Event Images
How To Print Virtual Booth Event Images

This guide shows you how to print images from your Virtual Booth event!

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1. Create Your Virtual Booth Event

Please ensure that your event date is current.

Only present or future-dated Virtual Booth events will display on the Device Server.

Events dated in the past will not display on the device server.

2. Install the Device Server

The device server app is what we will use to print images from the Virtual Booth event.

  1. Download the Device Server application from the PicPic Social website here.

  2. Scroll to the Sharing Station section and click Go to Downloads.

  3. Click the Download button under Device Server.

  4. When the download is complete, begin the installation by double-clicking the file. Please check your PC's Downloads folder (CTRL+J) if you have issues locating the installation file.
    โ€‹IMPORTANT NOTE: Windows may state that the device server installation file is unsafe. Click More Info > Run Anyway to get the installation process started.

  5. Please follow the series of prompts to have the application installed in the default location on your computer.

3. Setting up Printing in the Device Server

The guide below goes over setting up printing with the device server. Please skip to Step 2 (Adjust the Print tab on the Device Server) to properly configure your printer.

4. Start The Device Server

Select the Virtual Booth event from the Device Server dropdown menu and press Start.

You may encounter a popup in regards to Text Messaging. Please press "YES. Start the device server without Text Messaging."

You will then encounter a message regarding printing existing images generated from the Virtual Booth.

If you would like to automatically print images captured from the Virtual Booth, please press YES.

If you do not and would only like to print only new photos captured, please press NO.

Important Note

Virtual Booth events can only automatically print for the first day/date of the event. If you need the event to print for more than the first day or seven days, start a chat or email

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