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How To View Data Capture in PicPic Social
How To View Data Capture in PicPic Social

This guide shows you how to view the data collected from your event.

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PicPic Social can provide email addresses and user names of attendees who share from the PicPic Social sharing station depending on what sharing options that you enabled. The information provided is contingent on the sharing activity. For example Facebook provides the most user information while the others are slightly more limited in some fashions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The feature is only available in the GROWTH plan and higher. It is NOT available in any of our lower plans.

[A] Select the event and view your Data
[B] Download your Data
[C] Send the Data to your Client
[D] Information We Can Collect

Select the event and view your Data

Click on the event from within the dashboard. On the very top you will see Data Capture. You will then see the associated data based on the social media options pertaining to your event.

[B] Download your Data

You are able to download all the Data as well. Click on the arrow that is pointing down, as seen here:

A zipped file with the Data will be downloaded to your computer.

[C] Send the Data to your Client

You can send the Data directly to your Client. Click on the blue arrow next to the download button as seen in the GIF above. Your client will receive a zipped file with all the Data. 

[D] Information We Can Collect

IMPORTANT NOTE: We only gather data based on the information provided to us by the service. Below is a list all of the specific data each sharing option allows us to collect:

Full name, Email address, # of friends, Opt in status

Username, Opt in status

Username, # of followers, Opt in status

Email address, Opt in status

Mobile number, Opt in status

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