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Sharing Text Messages (SMS/MMS) via PicPic Social
Sharing Text Messages (SMS/MMS) via PicPic Social

Learn how to setup a Twilio account and enable Text Messages as an event sharing option within PicPic Social.

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This guide covers everything you need to know to enable text messaging for your upcoming event!

1. How do I add Text to my Sharing Station event?

When creating your sharing station event, on the second step named "Sharing," please check the toggle for the Text sharing option.

2. How do I share SMS (Microsite URL)?

The default setting for sharing Text is to "Share a microsite/unique URL."

Please leave this enabled to transmit an SMS text from the Sharing Station.

Enabling SMS means sharing a text message/microsite URL with your guests from the sharing station. They won't receive the actual file on their phone. They will receive a link to their file on their phone. From that link, they will be able to retrieve their file in a variety of ways.

You can customize the look and sharing options of your Microsite URL by assigning a custom one to your event. Here is a guide on Microsites here: Microsites (Getting Started Guide)

Sharing SMS will use 1 Virtual Credit.

3. How do I share MMS (Attachment)?

Uncheck the setting for "Share a microsite/unique URL." When you disable this setting, the sharing station will transmit an MMS text from the Sharing Station.

MMS, short for Multimedia Messaging Service, is a way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from a mobile phone over a cellular network. If you DO NOT want your guest to receive a link to the Microsite URL and DO want them to receive the actual file, then this is the route you should go.

Sharing MMS will use 2 Virtual Credits.

4. How many free Texts do I receive on the Starter Plan?

The first 10 SMS shares are free when subscribed to the Starter plan. After ten shares, you must purchase virtual credits to continue processing Text. You cannot connect your Twilio account when subscribed to the Starter plan.

You can only share MMS if you have Virtual Credits purchased on your account.

5. How many free Texts do I receive on the Market Leader and Agency Plan?

The Market Leader and Agency plans will receive UNLIMITED FREE SMS to USA & Canada phone numbers. When using SMS, we will send a URL/Microsite link to your guest.

To share MMS will require either attaching a Twilio account to your Company settings or purchasing Virtual Credits.

6. How do I purchase Virtual Credits?

To purchase Virtual Credits, navigate to your account dashboard's Settings > Credits section. From the credits section of your account, you can buy bulk credits for the following prices:

  • 500 credits for $15 ($0.030/credit)

  • 5,000 credits for $135 ($0.027/credit)

  • 12,500 credits for $319 ($0.026/credit)

  • 25,000 credits for $600 ($0.024/credit)

  • 50,000 credits for $1,125 ($0.022/credit)

  • 100,000 credits for $2,100 ($0.021/credit)

Auto Recharge

We highly recommend enabling the Auto Recharge feature. When enabled, the software will automatically recharge the credit card on file if your credits drop below a certain amount.

You can set when it should recharge your card on file in the field below!

How many credits do each type of texting use?

  • One credit per SMS

  • Two credits per MMS

  • Four credits per international SMS

  • We do not offer MMS sharing for International numbers.

7. How do I connect my Twilio account?

If you are on the Market Leader or Agency plan, you can connect your Twilio account in the Settings > Company section.

You'll need to get your Twilio Account SID and Auth Token to connect your Twilio account to your PicPic Social Company Settings.

Please log in to Twilio to copy and paste your Twilio Account SID and your Auth Token from your Twilio Console Dashboard.

Once copied and pasted into the appropriate fields, press the verify button below. If done correctly, you'll see your Twilio phone number in the dropdown menu and the ability to log out of Twilio like below.

Important Information: If you use your own Twilio, you MUST register your number for A2P 10 DLC.

Please register A2P-10DLC to avoid higher unregistered fees and possible filtering until your phone number(s) are associated with a campaign. PicPic Social won't be able to help you with registering for A2P 10DLC. Please reach out to Twilio support.

8. How do I share Text outside the United States and Canada?

All international users will have to purchase virtual credits to process SMS shares.

Non-USA and Canada users must buy virtual credits or connect their Twilio company settings even on the Market Leader or Agency plan.

We do not offer free SMS for international users, and international phone numbers will receive a Microsite URL/SMS message if they disable MMS in the settings.

Please look at Steps 6 and 7 if you'd like to purchase Virtual Credits or connect your Twilio credentials to your PicPic Social account.

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