You will need to set up an account with Twilio before enabling the SMS feature of PicPic Social. Twilio is a service that will allow users to send their event photos to themselves using PicPic Social via SMS (text messaging). This guide will walk you through setting up both your Twilio account and properly configuring your event settings with PicPic Social.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Twilio pricing is $1 per a month for each phone number purchased and $.02 for each text sent. 

Required Steps

[A] Sign Up For Twilio
[B] Upgrade Your Twilio Account
[C] Obtain Your Phone Number
[D] Enable Text messaging
[E] Copy Twilio credentials into Text Messaging settings
[F] Update\Create your Event
[G] Additional Information

[A] Sign Up for Twilio

Click here to begin signing up for Twilio.

Fill out your personal information and create a log in for Twilio. Once you are done click Start your free trial.

Twilio will then request to verify your identity. Enter your phone number as requested and the select whether you would like to receive your verification code via Text or you can request a phone call.

Once you receive your verification code please enter it in the Verification Code field and then click Submit.

Note: You will automatically be logged in after you verify your identity. Twilio will ask you if you are a coder. You will be given a yes or no option. Select the option that applies to you. 

[B] Upgrade Your Twilio Account

Welcome to your Twilio dashboard. Right now your account is in trial mode. Click the Upgrade Project button on the right hand side of the screen. This will allow you to enter your payment information so that you can purchase a phone number.

Fill out all of the payment information that it requests in the Upgrade Account section. Enable the check box that allows auto-recharge. Click Upgrade Project once you are done. You can now obtain your credentials.

[C] Obtain Your Phone Number

It's time to purchase a phone number. Click on the three dots located on the left hand side of the page then click on "Phone numbers". On the left hand side you will see "Buy a Number".  From there you will be able to choose your Twilio number. Type in your area code or location. Click Search and choose one of the numbers that is populated for use. 

You now have a Twilio number.

[D] Enable Text messaging

Login to your PicPic Social dashboard here and create a new event or edit an existing event.

Scroll to Event Sharing Options and enable Text Messaging

[E] Copy Twilio credentials into Text Messaging settings

  1. Twilio SID - Copy and paste your Twilio SID from the Console Dashboard's Account Summary above. 

  2. Twilio Auth Token - Copy and paste your Twilio Auth Token from the Console Dashboard's Account Summary above

  3. Twilio number - Copy and paste your Twilio number from the Console Dashboard's Account Summary above

  4. Predefined Text Message - Enter your choice of message that your guests will receive when they receive their text messaged event photo

[F] Update/Create Your Event

Scroll down to the bottom of your event and click Update Event or Create Event if you are making a new event.

[G] Additional Information

• Make sure that when you are copying the information, that there are no extra spaces from your SID, Auth Token & Number. You will receive an error if you leave any spaces before or after the Twilio credentials.

Remember to press UPDATE on the Device Server to see the changes reflected on the Sharing Station if you are editing the event.

• Contact us at 401-427-4277,, or by clicking on the blue circle located on the right side of our website if you followed this guide and text messaging is not functioning as it should.

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