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VSS - Monitoring Image Upload Queue & Checking Upload Speeds
VSS - Monitoring Image Upload Queue & Checking Upload Speeds

Optimize your event's flow! Learn to monitor uploads and check speeds in real time. πŸ“ˆπŸš€

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  1. Monitoring the Gallery Upload Queue:

    a. Open the PicPic Social device server software on your photo booth PC.

    b. Navigate to the Gallery Upload queue tab.

    c. Here, you will see the list of images queued for upload and their respective status. Please ensure that the gallery upload queue is running so that your files are uploaded to our servers to be shared.

  2. Checking Upload Speeds:

    a. Visit a website like

    b. Click the "Go" button to run a speed test.

    c. Once complete, you will see your Upload Speeds displayed. This is the speed at which your images will be uploaded to the server.

    Your upload speeds should be at least 7 MBPS. To fix slow upload speeds, you may need to switch to another internet source to see if the files upload in the queue.

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