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VSS - Setting Up Full-Screen Virtual Sharing Station
VSS - Setting Up Full-Screen Virtual Sharing Station

Go full-screen with the Virtual Sharing Station on your iPad. Dive into our quick guide! πŸ“±πŸ”

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  1. Please open the Safari web browser app on your iPad.

  2. Please type in the URL in the address bar.

  3. Log in to the Virtual Sharing Station using your PicPic Social email and password.

  4. Once logged in, tap the Share button (it's an upward arrow) next to the address bar in your Safari web browser.

  5. From the options, please scroll to the bottom and choose "Add to Home Screen."

  6. Tap the "Add" button.

  7. The Virtual Sharing Station will now be accessible directly from your home screen and open in full-screen mode!

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