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4. How to use the Layout Designer for PicPic Slide
4. How to use the Layout Designer for PicPic Slide

Guide covering how to modify the way the slideshow displays files.

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You customize the "Slideshow Layout" (and the "Sharing Page layout" if QR Sharing is enabled) that your guest will view in these settings. We cover designing both layout options in the video above. Download the folder below to follow along.

Slideshow & Sharing Page Layout Editors

  1. Background Image or Color - You can upload a still image or video as a background. For still photos, it must be a JPEG or a PNG with dimensions of at least 1920 x 1080.

    You can adjust the Background Color. Press the dropdown button to select an Available Color or input a hex code color as the background color.

    For animated backgrounds, it must be an MP4 with dimensions of at least 1920 x 1080 as well. You can download free stock animated backgrounds from here:

  2. Text - You have four adjustable text options available on the Slideshow. Click any of them to change the location, size, font, color, and the actual text displayed. You can adjust the slideshows Header, Footer, download QR Code text, and the WiFi QR code text. You can only change the "Download Your File Below!" text on the Sharing Page.

  3. QR Code / Network Settings - You can adjust the size and color of both QR codes to match your Slideshow's layout. Select the WiFi QR code to change the Network settings.

    It automatically states the current network's name and password of your PC when you log in. If you are using a router, you should enter the router's network name and password into these fields.

  4. Size: Height / Width - The default slideshow displays is 1920 x 1080. You should adjust this to align with the screen you plan on displaying the Slideshow on for the event. For example, if you plan to display the Slideshow on a 4K TV, we recommend designing and changing the Slideshow dimensions to 3840 x 2160.

  5. Logo / Your Company - You can adjust the location of the Logo, Rotation (also known as the angle), and Size of the Logo image that you upload to the Layout Editor.

Things That You Need To Know

  • The "Sharing Page" is only available if the QR Sharing feature is enabled. When guests scan the Download QR Code with their smartphones, it brings them to this page.

  • The only limitation is that you cannot upload an animated background file to the sharing page.

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