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How to create a Facebook App
How to create a Facebook App
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This guide will show you how to create your own custom Facebook App.

1. Create a Facebook app

A. Go to and click CREATE APP

B. Select Manage Business Integrations and click Continue

C. Fill out the app information and then click Create App

2. Configure Basic Settings

A. In the menu, click Settings >> Basic

B. Fill out the basic info

  • App Domain - Enter the domain you want to use for the custom app

  • Privacy Policy URL - Enter the link to your privacy policy

  • Terms of Service URL - Enter the URL to your terms and conditions

2. Add Platform

A. Scroll down and click Add Platform

B. Choose Website as your platform

C. Add Site URL

3. Copy your Facebook App ID

Copy your Facebook app ID

4. Copy your Facebook App ID to PicPic Social

A. Go to the microsite you are using for the event Templates >> Microsites

B. Click the Edit button


D. Paste the Facebook App ID into the Facebook App ID section

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