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4. Setting up Microsites Design/Visual Designer
4. Setting up Microsites Design/Visual Designer

This guide breaks down how to use the Microsite Virtual Designer to design the Microsite to your liking.

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This guide offers a quick rundown on all of the ways to customize your microsite template. We'll cover adding hyperlinks, text, and adding a logo.

1. Open The Designer

Before you can customize your Microsite, you will need to access the Designer. To do so, click Templates. Within the Templates tab, click Microsites.

Click the Paintbrush next to the Microsite you would like to customize to load the Designer.

2. Add an Image/Logo to your template

Click within the Header section to add a logo, then click the Image icon. 

There are two ways of uploading images. We explain both methods below.

Method #1: General

If you have an image from an external link, feel free to copy and paste it into the Source section. 

What is an external link? An external link is a link that points to another domain—for example, Imgur. After pasting your external link into the Source field, click ok.

Method #2: Upload

If you do not have an external link to your image, click the Upload tab. You can either "Browse for an image" from your PC or "Drag and Drop" your image within the box. Once you've uploaded your photo, click ok.

You should now see the image on your Microsite. Feel free to align it to your liking, as seen in the GIF below:

There are two panels located on the left and right hand of the page. You can add an image/logo to these panels as well. You can repeat the steps above to do so. The GIF below will also demonstrate how to upload an image to those panels: 

3. Modifying Text

It's time to modify the text on your Microsite; there are quite a few options. You will need to select the text entirely to apply the changes. The GIFS below will demonstrate how to modify the text successfully.





4. Adding and modifying links

There are two ways of adding and modifying links within the Microsite designer. We demonstrate both methods below:

Method #1

Click the Header section, then click the Hyperlink icon as seen below.

Input your website URL in the URL field. Input the necessary text in the "Text to display" field. After you've added your URL and Text, click Ok.

Click the Hyperlink icon, then input your website URL in the URL field. Click the Footer section, then type the text you would like displayed for the link. Once you've done so, select the text. Feel free to align or adjust the color with the text still selected. Finally, click Ok.

You can apply these methods to the header and footer. This method works with the left and right panels seen in the section below.

5. Save The Microsite

You've successfully customized the Microsite. Once complete, you need to save the Microsite.

To save your Microsite, click the Save button located on the top right-hand side of the page.

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