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How To Create Green Screen Templates for Darkroom Booth
How To Create Green Screen Templates for Darkroom Booth

This guide will show you how to create green screen templates using Paddee designs

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Required Steps

[A] Create and Export Your Design
[B] Setup Darkroom Booth
[C] Choose Your Paddee Template
[D] Setup The Design
[E} Video

[A] Create and Export Your Design

The first thing you need to do is create your design. The dimension requirements for a green screen template is 1800 x 600.  

  1. Click the "Create A Design" button, located on the bottom right side of the Paddee Market Place

  1. Click the [XY] button, located on the top right hand side of the design

  2. Input the dimensions, 1800 x 600

  3. Click Apply

Once your design has been created, export the design. We suggest exporting the design as a Sample in order to do some testing. 

  1. Click the Export button

  2. Choose between Sample or Final

  3. Select Darkroom Booth and Make single strip

[B] Setup Event

  1. Create an event then set the number of photos per session (I chose 2 for this guide)

[C] Choose Your Paddee Template

  1. Click Choose..

  2. Click New

  3. Click OK

Make sure the following settings are reflected..

Page size: 2x6
Orientation: Horizontal
Width: 1800
Height: 600
Resolution: 300 

Now that the canvas is setup, it's time to select the background. 

  1. Click Add Artwork 

  2. Navigate to where your Paddee overlay is saved 

  3. Click Open

  4. Click OK

[D] Setup The Design

  1. Click Add Photo (IMPORTANT NOTE - Under the transparency section you MUST select Chroma-key)

  2. Scroll down and enable "Test Photo" , then "Edit.." after doing so,select any photo of your choice

  3. Click Open

  4. Click OK

  5. Click Position and Size on the top, for the width and height input the size of the images that your camera will be taking. For this guide I used 500 x 300

  6. Click OK

Repeat the steps above based on how many photos you selected under "photos per session" in section A. Since I selected two, I added two images.

Click Save
Click Choose

After the design has been selected, you will see numbers 1 & 2 which will reflect where the images will be.

[E] Video

Refer to this video for additional information. This video is provided by Darkroom Booth.

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