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How To Filter Specific File Types
How To Filter Specific File Types

This guide shows you how to filter specific file types on the device server.

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Sometimes you may have media files in your watch folder that that you do not want PicPic Social to transfer to the sharing station. In this case, you can use the Filter option to specify which file types you want to show on the PicPic Social Sharing station.

How To Setup Filters

When you add your watch folder, you will see a section called Filter. You need to use the wildcard symbol (*) and the extension (.gif). In our example, our filter is:


With this filter, PicPic Social will only look for any file that has a .gif as the extension. If your files have a specific naming convention, you can use a filter like:


In the example above, PicPic Social will scan for any files that have the word print in it.  Example files would be 001print_portrait.jpg or xyzprint.gif

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