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How To Be GDPR Compliant with PicPic Social

This guide goes over all of the things needed to comply with GDPR while using PicPic Social.

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Making sure our customers are GDPR compliant is very important us. With this being the case we’ve implemented quite a few ways for you to assure privacy for your guest. This is article will go over all of the necessary features you should enable (or in some situations disable) to make sure that you are GDPR compliant.

Microsite Passwords

We’ve added the ability to include a password with your Microsite. You can do this by going to the settings of a new or already established Microsite and scrolling down to the Privacy section.

By enabling this feature it will ensure maximum privacy by only allowing guest with access to the password the ability to view the Microsite. 

Disable Microsite Galleries

The Microsite Gallery when enabled allows for guest to view all of the images uploaded to the PicPic Social dashboard from an event.

With this is enabled any guest can see another guests photos if they go to the gallery from their individual photo's Microsite. You should disable the Gallery option if you intend on utilizing Microsites for an event. 

You can do this by going to the Basic Microsite Settings of a new or already established Microsite and scrolling down to “Enabled Gallery Page” and making sure it is deselected.

Advance Disclaimers

Utilizing Advance Disclaimers is a great way to make guest fully aware/prompt them with a legal document before sharing their photo from the sharing kiosk. In this legal document you should include what your intent is to do with their data and that you are only collecting their data with the sole purpose to deliver them their files. To do this you should  enable Advance Disclaimers and give them the option to not agree with the terms of the disclaimers if they so please.

Advanced disclaimers can be enabled by going to your event's settings and selecting the “Enable Disclaimer” within the General Settings like below.

After that, scroll down to the Disclaimer tab, then click on “Use Advanced Disclaimer” and upload your custom .TXT file.

You should also leave the checkbox for "User must agree before posting" deselected which will give the guest the opportunity to Opt out of the disclaimer agreement.

You may be wondering how do you find out if a user has opted in or opted out? This information can easily be found in the Data Capture of the event, this will tell you whether a user has opted in or opted out.

This is what will be reflected when you check if a user has opted in to your disclaimer before sharing a file or not.

Opt in - True means that the user hit "I agree" to the disclaimer. 

Opt in - False means that the user hit "I disagree" to the disclaimer.

PicPic Social's Privacy Policy

You can also find PicPic Social’s Privacy Policy discussing GDPR in more indepth- detail here as well. We utilize AWS and our servers are located in Northeastern Oregon, United States. If you need any additional assistance or information in regards to GDPR, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to providing any additional assistance or information if needed.

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