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How To Use Paddee Designs In Darkroom Booth
How To Use Paddee Designs In Darkroom Booth

This guide will show you how to import and export Paddee Designs into the Darkroom Booth software

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Required Steps

[A] Export Your Design
[B] Extract The Zipped File
[C] Import into Darkroom Booth
[D} Video Guide

[A] Export Your Design

Before you can import a design into Darkroom Booth you need to Export it from the Paddee editor first.

Click Export and choose between Sample or Final:

Sample: This will export a version of the design with a watermark free of charge. We suggest using this method while testing your designs in your photo booth software.

Final: This will export a version without a watermark but will charge you or deduct a credit from your account.

Then Select the Darkroom Booth option from the drop down menu as your software.

B] Extract the zipped file

After the file has been downloaded to your PC, go to your Downloads folder and extract the file.

[C] Import into Darkroom Booth

  1. Open the Darkroom Booth software

  2. Click on settings

  3. Click on custom template, then choose

  4. Click on Add, from there you will be able to browse a directory, navigate to the directory where the extracted folder is, in most cases it will be the Downloads folder unless you moved it

  5. Click on the folder, then press "ok"

  6. Click on the template and click on "Add selected". Scroll down in the template list and find the newly imported template (it is in alphabetical order)

  7. Click "choose"

Your template will now be visible.

[D] Video Guide

This is a video guide showing everything that was discussed above so that users can see it in action as well.

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