Required Steps

[A] Export Your Design
[B] Extract the Zipped file
[C] Import into Breeze Software

[A] Export Your Design

Before you can import a design into Breeze Software you need to Export it from the Paddee editor first.

Click Export and choose between Sample or Final:

Sample: This will export a version of the design with a watermark free of charge. We suggest using this method while testing your designs in your photo booth software.

Final: This will export a version without a watermark but will charge you or deduct a credit from your account.

Then Select the Breeze Software option from the drop down menu as your software.

[B] Extract the Zipped file

After the file has been downloaded to your PC, go to your Downloads folder and extract the file.

[C] Import

  1. Open the DSLR Remote Pro software

  2. Click on Print layout 

  3. Click on import layout 

  4. Navigate to the folder where your template is located, then click on "ok"

  5. Click on the overlay then click on "ok". After, your template will be visible.

You are now ready to start using your Paddee template with DSLR Remote Pro

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