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Why Is My Sharing Station Disconnecting?
Why Is My Sharing Station Disconnecting?

If you repeatedly face disconnections when using PicPic Social, please read this guide.

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Double check your Windows Firewall and 3rd Party Firewalls

Double check your firewalls and make sure they have been disabled. Even if you ALWAYS run PicPic Social with your firewalls on.... DISABLE IT. If you are running Norton, McAfee, Avast, or any other 3rd party anti-virus or firewall software, you may need to uninstall it.

Firewalls can be finicky and sometimes PicPic Social will work with it, but often it will not. Click here to learn how to disable your windows firewall.

Do NOT use Venue WIFI

Venue WIFI is very unreliable and often times has a "Hardware Firewall" that you will not be able to disable. Even if the staff at the venue tells you there system is fine and they have disabled it, do not believe it. Use your own Hotspot. You can read more about the dangers of using Venue WIFI here.

Use a 5ghz Hotspot

Most hotspots are 2.4ghz. If you are using a phone as a hotspot it's likely using 2.4ghz. 2.4ghz are subject to interference from every other electronic device in the area. ย A 5ghz hotspot will give you better connectivity at events. Most hotspots will come in 2.4 or dual band mode. If you have a 5ghz capable hotspot, it will likely be in dual band mode when you receive it. You have to manually enable 5ghz mode.

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