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Why Are My Files Not Being Received?
Why Are My Files Not Being Received?

Are guest are not receiving their files? This guide will help you figure out why.

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If your guests say they are not receiving their files you should send a test to yourself first to confirm there is an issue.

The primary reason could be that there are files in the sharing queue that are waiting to be sent. The reasons for files being in the queue are below.

  1. The sharing queue is paused

    1. Your internet speeds are too slow

  2. Your emails are being filtered

  3. Your texts are being filtered

1. The sharing queue is paused

Check the SHARING QUEUE tab on the device server. If the button at the bottom says START SENDING you need to click it in order to send any files that are pending. 

2. Your internet speeds are too slow

If you have a full queue with errors, your speeds might be too slow to process the shares.

Go to and run a speed test. You need upload speeds of 10MBPs for filed to send.

If you do not have these speeds, you will need to try connecting the device server to another source of internet.

You can close PicPic Social and open it again when you get to your home or office. The queue will remain in tact and will send your files if the speeds there are better.

3. Your emails are being filtered

Check your e-mail settings in the event setup.

You should avoid using the following types of "From" Email address:

Change your From Email address to a different domain, update/save your event settings and try again.

4. Your Text/Twilio settings are incorrect

Check to make sure that your Twilio credentials were entered correctly in the settings of the event. Make sure that there are no spaces in the settings. You also may need to setup Twilio Global Permissions if you are trying to send texts to numbers outside of your country. Go here to edit the permissions. After you edit the permissions let your queue sit for 30 minutes to an hour to push the files out. 

None of these options worked!

If none of these fixes your issues please start a chat. Have your computer ready so we can connect if needed. 

Also have your log files ready. Go to C:\Program Files (86)\picpic social\logs. Send us the logs from the date you are testing. 

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