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How To Setup Custom Domain For Microsites
How To Setup Custom Domain For Microsites

This guide instructs you on how to link a custom domain to your Microsite.

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This guide shows you how to change the Microsite URL from to your personal domain. In order to use your own custom domain for a Microsite, you must first do the following:

Create a new domain or subdomain 

If your company name is Super Awesome Photo Booths and your domain is, this will not work without breaking your site. You will need to create a SUB domain with your registrar. 

The subdomain would be like or You can also buy a completely new domain and use this.

Setup the A record

 For this step you will need to contact your registrar or hosting company. The process is different for each one and we cannot provide support for this.

Set the A record IP address to for the new sub domain or domain.

Enter the subdomain in your event setup

Custom domains is only available on the AGENCY plan. If you have this plan you will see the with PicPic Social and place the custom domain into the Microsite settings.

Place your Custom Domain in that specified space above once it is completed and save the event. 

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