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How To Setup Pay-Per-Event Billing/Payments
How To Setup Pay-Per-Event Billing/Payments

Learn how to properly setup your account for Pay-Per-Event billing.

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What Is Pay-Per-Event?

  • Pay-Per-Event includes all of the features of the MARKET LEADER plan. Click here to view all of the features included in the MARKET LEADER plan.

    • One Virtual Booth event can last up to 7 days.

    • One Sharing Station event lasts for 30 hours from the date set. Meaning your event is usable from 12 AM of the date set, until 8 AM the following day.

  • If your Sharing Station event last more than 1 day you need to create an event for each day and pay to publish each event.

  • You can create as many events as you want for testing. You will only be billed for events that you PUBLISH.

  • You must PUBLISH your event before your event starts to remove the DRAFT watermark on your photos.

  • The cost to publish an individual event is $69.99.

How To Pay-Per-Event

  1. Login to your PicPic Social Account.

  2. Add your Payment Information into the settings here.

  3. Create an event and make sure your event date is correct (you cannot change the start date of an event once published).

  4. PUBLISH your event

    Click the Blue PUBLISH button like below on your events list. When you PUBLISH your event you will be charged the $69.99 Per-Event fee immediately.

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