Why Do My Photos Say DRAFT?

This guide explains why your photos say DRAFT and how to remove the watermark from your photos.

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Your photos say DRAFT because you have not published your event. This only happens AFTER the first 3 photos have been added to your PicPic Social watch folder.

Follow the steps below to fix it.

Required Steps

  1. Add Your Payment information

  2. Subscribe to a plan/Pay Per Event

  3. Publish Your Event

  4. Update the Event on the Device Server
    [D] Additional Information

1. Add Your Payment Information

Go to settings >> payment info and add your payment method.

2. Subscribe to a plan/Pay Per Event

If you want to pay-per-event, you can skip to the next step.

If you want to be on plan, go to settings >> plans and choose your plan

3. Publish your event

Go to the Event List and click the PUBLISH button next to your event.


4. Update the Event on the Device Server

Open the PicPic Social Device Server and press "update" to download the updated event information.

5. Restart PicPic Share on your iPad

  • Close PicPic Share on your iPad

  • Open PicPic Share again and connect as normal

Additional Information

  • You've published the event and now your content has a "PENDING" watermark Click here.

  • If you've followed the steps and the DRAFT watermark is still visible start a chat with support.

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