Microsite Email Embed Tags

Use email embed tags to insert event files into the emails sent to attendees.

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Embed tags can be used to create custom content in your email to event guests. You can do the following things with embed tags:

  • Embed a preview of the media in the email

  • Create direct social sharing links within the body of the email

  • Link directly to the microsite containing the media

  • Link to direct downloads of the media

To use an embed tag, place the embed tag anywhere within your email body. PicPic Social will automatically replace the embed tag with the appropriate content/URL.

Basic Embed Tags


The most basic embed tag is %image%. If you use %image% in your email, PicPic Social will replace %image% with a thumbnail of the media file. You can use use %image% up to four times in the email body. If a guest shares 4 items, PicPic Social will automatically replace all 4 tags with a preview and call to action. If you have four tags and the user shares less than 4, PicPic Social will removed the extra tags.

Advanced Embed Tags

Please Note: 

  • To use the Advanced Embed Tags you need to be on the Market Leader plan or higher

  • You need to enabled Advanced Embed in the Microsite/Unique URL section of event setup

  • When Advanced Embed Tags is enabled, an email is sent for each item that the guest shares. So if the user shares 4 photos at once, they will receive 1 email for each photo.

  • If you enable Advanced Embed Tags and do not use the tags, there will be no previews or links automatically added.

Embed Thumbnail Preview


This embed tag will insert a thumbnail of the photo, video or gif. The max height and width of the thumbnail is 400px.

Direct URL


This embed tag will insert a direct link to the photo, video or gif. You can use this as a DOWNLOAD link or use this tag if you do not want to share the microsite link, but instead want to share a direct link to the file itself.

Microsite URL


This embed tag will insert a link to the Microsite where the photo, video or gif can be viewed.

Thumbnail Preview

<img src=%thumbnail_url%</img>

Thumbnail Preview With Link To Microsite

<a href="%microsite_url%"><img src=%thumbnail_url%</img></a>

Link To Microsite With Custom Text

<a href="%microsite_url%">Click here to view the microsite</a>

Share Microsite Link To Facebook

<a href="https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=%microsite_url%">Click here to share to Facebook</a>

Share Microsite Link To Twitter

<a href="https://twitter.com/home?status=%microsite_url%">Click here to share to Twitter</a>
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