360 video booths are the latest craze! They can easily be used with PicPic Social to be shared in a variety of ways. You just need to know how to configure your video booth PC for it to be possible. This guide goes over everything you need to know to set up your 360 booth for sharing.

[STEP #1] Wi-Fi Adapter

A Wi-Fi Adapter is a wireless hardware device that is attached to a computer or laptop. It will allow you to connect to a wireless network and more importantly in this circumstance, multiple wireless networks.

Since your GoPro camera will be utilizing a wireless network to transfer video files, you will need an additional wireless network to connect to the actual internet. Your GoPro cannot provide internet (because it’s a camera🤣), so you will definitely need an adapter if you want to share files at the event.

There are multiple Wi-Fi Adapters on the market so it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are two that we can recommend depending on your budget:

The Best Big Budget Wi-Fi Adapter

Trendnet TEW-809UB: It has fast speeds and excellent range. Software is not included so if you aren’t very tech savvy, I’d recommend against it. It’s also very large so if you are looking for a more portable option, I’d recommend our smaller budget option. The Trendnet TEW-809UB is a great solution if you anticipate needing Wi-Fi in challenging areas that may have a weak signal.

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The Best Small Budget Wi-Fi Adapter

Edimax EW-7833UAC: It has excellent speed for the budget cost and is more portable than our big budget option. It’s 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency speeds are rather impressive. The only downside is that it does have a limited range in comparison to the Trendnet TEW-809UB. If you plan on having the sharing station pretty far from the 360 PC, this may not be the best option for you.

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[STEP #2] Internet / HotSpot

Now that you have your WiFi Adapter properly installed and another network that can be used to connect to, it is time to discuss how you will get a reliable source of Internet at your event.

The best and the most highly recommended option is to bring your own dedicated and reliable hotspot. By doing this you will eliminate multiple variables and the potential stress of using your client’s or the venue’s WiFi.

Due to all of the various models/versions of available hotspot, we are unable to recommend a specific one across the board. Especially since carriers with the best reception vary from region to region.

But, for more information on selecting the correct hotspot that will work best for you, please read the following articles below. They are written by the creator of PicPic Social, Seye Omisore. These articles elaborate on why a Hotspot is an absolute necessity and why you should avoid using venue WIFI at your events at all cost.

Rule #1 - Never Rely On Venue/Client WI-FI!

How To Choose The Right Hotspot For Your Social Media Photo Kiosk

[STEP #3] Adjusting Your PC Settings

Properly Install Your Wi-Fi Adapter

Whether you purchase one of the Wi-Fi Adapters we recommend or a different one, first and foremost please make sure to properly install it. The biggest mistake we encounter when helping users is that they do not read the instructions of their Wi-Fi adapter. By plugging the adapter into their PC’s USB hub when NOT instructed, it will install improperly.

Please follow all of the installation instructions that come along with your adapter and install the most updated drivers available from your adapter’s manufacturer. When properly installed, you will be able to select two different Wi-Fi networks on your PC like in the example below:

In the example above, the Wi-Fi network is being used for the GoPro and Wi-Fi 2 is being used for the internet.

Disable Auto-Connect in GoPro Settings/360 Software

There are multiple different 360 applications. In this guide we'll be discussing how to adjust the settings in the Dzentech software but the same rules apply to all GoPro based 360 applications.

Please disable the Auto-Connect in the GoPro Settings. One of the most common problems is that when you start your 360 application you lose your connection to the internet. It occurs because the Auto-Connection is enabled with GoPro settings and the software is attempting to automatically connect to the GoPro. Whether the GoPro is turned on or off. The WiFi network will still attempt to connect to it via Wi-Fi if enabled.

Important Notes

  • Once the Auto-Connect is disabled in your software and the WiFi wireless adapter is selected, you may need to restart your PC. Please keep that in mind.

  • If the GoPro is not selectable in your WiFi/Network & Internet Setting, the signal of your GoPro may be weak (or possibly even your battery low). You may need to turn the GoPro off and then on again.

[STEP #4] Creating Your Event / Microsite + QR Code

Now that everything is set up properly on your 360 booth PC, you should create an event online in the PicPic Social online dashboard. The guide below will show you how to create a Sharing Station event in our online dashboard...

How To Create A Sharing Station Event

Along with your Sharing Station event you also need to create a Microsite template and assign it to your event. Since most video files are far too large to be received as a regular attachment via email or text, enabling Microsites is an absolute requirement. The guide below will show you how to enable Microsites and assign them to your event...

How To Setup Microsites

If you are unsubscribed you will see a DRAFT watermark on the video files you upload to the dashboard. To remove the DRAFT watermark you must publish the event. The guide below will show you everything you need to remove the DRAFT watermark from your files...

Why Do My Photos Say Draft?

Last but not least is about generating the QR code for your Microsite gallery if desired. QR codes are a quick and handy way for people to swiftly get their videos at an event. There are so many cool and unique ways to go about decorating your QR code like in the example below...

With each event a QR code is actually automatically generated. On the right hand side of the Event View Page there is a Gallery Link section with a QR code icon that you can download it from. The clip below will show you how to download the QR code from the event view page...

[STEP #5] Operating The Device Server

Once your PC is set up correctly (and you’ve created your event in the online dashboard as instructed in Step #4) you will be ready for the device server. You can download the latest Device Server from here if you have not done so already. Right now we will go over everything that you need to know for operating the device server...

How To Update The Device Server

Whenever you make a change in the online dashboard you must press Update on the Device Server for those changes to be reflected on the iPad sharing station.

How To Add Watch Folders

Click the Add button to select the Watch Folder that you want the Device Server to monitor for new video files.

How To Start The Device Server

Press the Start button to begin displaying videos on the iPad and to begin uploading videos to the Cloud dashboard.

Press Yes if you have any previously existing videos that you would like to be uploaded to the Cloud gallery.

How To Monitor The Gallery Upload Queue

If you are doing a QR code gallery then the Gallery Upload queue is essential.

Please monitor the Gallery Upload queue to see the status of whether your videos have fully uploaded to the Microsite Gallery.

If you encounter any errors or it’s taking a long time for the files to be uploaded to the Microsite Gallery, please check your internet upload speeds here: https://www.speedtest.net/

How To Monitor The Sharing Queue

Please monitor the Sharing Queue to see the status of whether your videos have been shared to the guest.

If there is an error in the Sharing Queue you will be able to see it here in the Sharing Queue.

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