The default base URL for your Virtual Booth is http://imgurl.co/. You can White Label the base URL so the Virtual Booth and Microsite points to your own domain.

An example of a customized Virtual Booth and Microsite White Label URL would be vb.myboothcompany.com/halloween2020/booth


To use the White Label feature, you must be on the Agency plan!

Steps Needed

  1. Create a subdomain on your root domain

  2. Add new White Label domain

  3. Update your domain DNS

  4. Setup custom microsite on your event

1. Create a subdomain on your root domain

Create a Subdomain

If your companies website is myboothcompany.com, you cannot use myboothcompany.com without breaking your website. Your only option is to create a subdomain.

An example of a subdomain is booth.myboothcompany.com or vb.myboothcompany.com or mydamnboth.myboothcompany.com.

The subdomain can be anything you want.

Contact your host on how to create a sub-domain.

2. Add New White Label Domain

Go to Settings >> White Label

Click the + button to add a new domain

Enter the sub-domain you want to use.

In this example, our photo booth will run at testing.seyeiam.com.

2. Verify your domain

In your domain DNS create a CNAME & TXT records with the the settings you are provided.


Pay attention to how the Name/Host and Content/Value are added in Namecheap. Only a part of the string was needed up to the period.


In GoDaddy we only enter part of the string. There is no period needed.

Click Verify in PicPic Social to get confirmation. You may need to wait 48 hours to verify, but it can be as soon as 5 minutes.

3. Setup custom microsite on your event

When creating/editing your event go to the Microsite tab and select the domain you added.

Click the checkmark to save the event.

Your URL's and embed codes will be updated with your custom domain.

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