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NOTE: Download the 4x6 Virtual Booth overlay to follow along with the guide here.


The PHOTO section allows for you to adjust the coordinates, frame size and angle of the photo placeholder(s). This will insure that the image taken will fit perfectly when taken within the Virtual Booth experience.

  • PHOTO PLACEHOLDER COORDINATES = Utilize this field to adjust the position of the photo placeholder. The X/β¬… coordinate extends from left to right; the Y/⬆ coordinate extends up and down.

  • PHOTO FRAME SIZE = This field allows for you to adjust the photo frame size. IE: the transparent overlay file that you are using for this guide is 600x600, so the photo frame size should be the exact same dimensions.

  • PHOTO FRAME ANGLE = Within this field you can adjust the angle of the photo placeholder to any degree that you deem fit.

  • ADD AREA = This button allows for you to create additional photo placeholder areas on your overlay. This should be utilized if you want to create a 4x6 strip for your Virtual Booth experience.

  • REMOVE = This button lets you remove the additional placeholder you might have created.

  • REPLACE OVERLAY = Will allow for you to replace an individual overlay that is used per a frame. This especially comes in handy for creating unique Animated Overlays.


  • STATIC = Select a Single background that will be applied to all frames with this option. If you have a single image that you would like to be used for a background β€” this is the best option. You can download the STATIC example used here.

  • SYNC TO PHOTO = One image per photo taken. Each background image will correspond to a photo number. For example if you are creating a 3 photo GIF, you will need to upload 3 background images for this experience to work. You can download the SYNC TO PHOTO example used here.

  • SYNC TO FRAME = One image per frame uploaded. This requires as many images as overlay frames be used. For example if you are creating an experience that has an animated overlay with 10 different frames, it will require 10 background images to be uploaded. Duplicates allowed. You can download the SYNC TO FRAME example used here.

BG REMOVAL: For the best background removal results like the examples above, please sign up at RemoveBG.com to purchase credits or a subscription. Once you've done so, add your API key in the Company Settings. Without it, you can still use our free background removal though.

NOTE: The dimensions for the background files you are uploading should be the same size as the placeholder area (e.g. if the template is 600x600 and the placeholder frame size your create is 400x400, then the background should not be any larger than that. If the background image is larger, than the background file will be resized and take longer to be processed.


  • SPEED = You can adjust the animation speed of the experience in this field. Depending on how fast you adjust the speed, it will determine whether it's a BURST or a GIF. A BURST can range from 0.1 milliseconds to 0.3 milliseconds and GIF ranges from 0.5 milliseconds to 2 seconds.

  • REVERSE & LOOP PLAYBACK = Enable this if you want to create a boomerang. The GIF will play forward and then backwards creating a looped and slightly longer experience.

  • WHICH PHOTO SHOULD BE SHOWN ON SELECTED FRAME? = This allows for you to determine which photo will be displayed in each frame. For example if you want the order of your GIF to be 3-2-1 instead of 1-2-3, this is the area for you to adjust it.


  • COUNTDOWN BEFORE SHOT = This slider determines the length of the preroll before the first shot taken. This can range from 3-5 seconds.

  • COUNTDOWN BETWEEN SHOTS = This slider determines the amount of time you would like to give guest between shots taken with the virtual booth. It can range from 0-5 secs.

  • KEEP PHOTO MIRRORED AFTER CAPTURE = Enable this if you want the photo to look the same as when the guest posed prior to capture and not inverted.


In the PREVIEW section you can upload a PNG thumbnail to be displayed in the Virtual Booth. It is a great way to show your Virtual Booth guest what it could potentially look like after they take their own photo!

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