Design Specs for Virtual Booth

Download PSDs and get the dimensions for template creation

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How do I get templates/designs for my Virtual Booth event?

If you need a source for photo booth templates, please check out our software Paddee.

Paddee is a photo booth template marketplace and editor with thousands of premade overlays.

You can edit all Paddee designs right in your browser without the need for photoshop or any other graphics tool.

What dimensions should the photo template be for the Virtual Booth?

You can technically create whatever size templates you want. However, we have listed the following suggested sizes and blank template examples that you can download below:

  • SQUARE: 600x600 (This is the ideal and recommended size for the virtual booth)

  • PORTRAIT: 922x620

  • LANDSCAPE: 620x922

SQUARE = 600 x 600

PORTRAIT = 922 x 620

LANDSCAPE = 620 x 922

What are the Virtual Booth background dimensions?

The dimensions for the Virtual Booth background image are 1920 x 1080.

What are the Virtual Booth logo dimensions?

We recommend that the logo you design be 826 x 253.

What are the sticker dimensions?

We recommend that the stickers you design be at least 300 x 300.

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