How To Attach A File While Sending A Microsite Link Via Email

This guide will help you setup your event in order to attach a file while sending a Microsite Link via Email

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[A] Create/Edit Your Email Template
[B] Setup Your Event

[A] Create/Edit Your Email Template

First thing you need to do is create/edit your Email template. 

  1. Click Email editor (located on the left hand side of the dashboard) or click here

  2. Click Edit next to the Email template

  3. Click Tools then Source code 

  4. Copy and Paste the custom embed tag: <a href="%microsite_url%">Click here to view the microsite</a>

  5. Click Update Template

[B] Setup Your Event

Now you need to setup your event with the necessary settings.

For new events:

  1. Click +New event

For Existing events:

  1. Click Actions

  2. Click Edit

Scroll down to the Event Sharing Options tab:

  1. Click the box next to E-Mail Sharing

After enabling E-mail Sharing, scroll down to Email Settings.

  1. Select the Email template that you created in Step A

  2. Click Attach File To Email When Sending Microsite Link

Scroll down to the Microsites/Unique URL tab:

  1. Click the box next to Email - Share image via microsite URL

  2. Click the box next to Use advanced email embed

  3. Click Create/Update Event

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