Connectify is a third party application that allows you to turn your PC into a Hotspot. This is a great tool that can be used if you are experiencing issues with your Hotspot. This guide will get you started with the basic setup for creating a network using Connectify.

Required Steps

[A] Purchase A License
[B] Download And Install Connectify
[C] Activate Your License
[D] Configure Connectify
[E] Connect The Device

[A] Purchase A License

You will need to purchase a license in order to use Connectify. To do so:

  1.  Go to

  2. Click Buy Now

  3. You will be given the option to purchase Hotspot MAX or Hotspot PRO. Either one will suffice for PicPic Social

  4. Select Lifetime

  5. Click Check Out under the package of your choice

  6. Enter your card information and pay

Failure to not purchase a license will result in Connectify limiting the amount of devices you can connect at once. You will also be limited as to how long you can connect the devices.

[B] Download And Install Connectify

After you purchase Connectify, your browse should automatically download the installer. Run the installer after it is done by double clicking on the file:

Wait for the program to install then reboot your computer. You will need to reboot the computer to finish installing Connectify.

  1. Press Finish.

[C] Activate Your License

As soon as you reboot the PC, a popup will appear.

  1. Click Already Bought 

  2. Enter your Email Address and Password. Check the email that was used to make the purchase for the password.

After you log in:

  1. Click Activate

Connectify will open after the license has been activated.

[D] Configure Connectify

Make sure you are on the Wi-Fi Hotspot tab:

The following settings are suggested:

Internet to Share: Select your Hotspot from the list. If your Hotspot is not appearing at all, then select No Internet Sharing. 

INFO: If you select No Internet Sharing, you will still be able to start the Connectify Hotspot. This will give you the ability to connect to the Connectify Hotspot from the iPad and the images will still be displayed. Emails and Texts will be queued in the Sharing Queue tab until the device server is opened on a stable internet connection.

Network Access: Routed
Hotspot Name: Whatever you're comfortable with
Password: Whatever you're comfortable with
Allow Firewall Access: Enabled
Allow Local Network Access: Enabled
Ad Blocker: Enabled

[E] Connect The Device

After all the settings above have been verified, start the Hotspot.

  1. Click Start Hotspot

Once the Hotspot has started, connect your device to the network.

Connectify will confirm that the device has been connected. 

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