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How To Find Transparent Images For Your Custom Paddee Designs
How To Find Transparent Images For Your Custom Paddee Designs

Learn how to acquire transparent images that can be used in your custom Paddee designs for free with this tutorial

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The Paddee Editor allows for you to upload images that can be used for your designs. This guide will show you what types of images that can be uploaded and how to find them utilizing Google Images.

Required Steps

  1. Go to Google Images

  2. Search for your desired images

  3. Adjust to only display transparent images

  4. Video Guide

  5. Additional Information

1. Go to Google Images

For this guide we are going to acquire the assets for our custom designs from Google Images but the Paddee editor can import any PNG or JPEG files that you would like to upload to a template.

Google Images is a search service owned by Google that allows users to search the Web for image content. It's a very handy tool that can used to acquire quick and easy transparent images for custom designs. You can visit Google Images by clicking the following link: 

2. Search for your desired images

When searching for an image, a thumbnail of each matching image is displayed. When you click on a thumbnail, the image is displayed in a larger size allow you to visit the page in which the image is used.

In this example we will be making a Super Mario theme Paddee template so we will be doing a Google Image searching for "Super Mario" and we will be presented with the results like below:

3. Adjust to only display transparent images

To make a clean design that does not look like a collage of images, we will need to acquire pictures of Super Mario that have transparent backgrounds, in a PNG format. Transparent PNG is an image file that has one color assigned to be "transparent" so that the assigned color will be replaced by the background selected in the Paddee design editor.

For us to find transparent PNG files, it will require for us to adjust the Google Images search settings to only display transparent images. To do this we are going to click on the Tools button, select the Color menu option below it to the left and then select the Transparent option:

Once you do this, Google Images will automatically refresh and only display the images with a transparent background. If you select a thumbnail now we will see a picture of Super Mario with a grey and white checkered background. The grey white represents the images transparency. 

Now that we found an image that we would like to import into the Paddee editor, we are going to right-click the image and select Save image as... to save the file to your PC so that you can import it into the Paddee editor: 

4. Additional Information

Below is a template created utilizing the Super Mario file from the example. Now that we've learned how to save transparent PNG files to our PC, we are ready to upload the files into the Paddee Editor. Learn how to upload graphics so that you can make a custom design like the one below...

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