How To Setup Your Online Gallery

This guide will go over how to successfully setup your online Gallery so that your guests can browse the event images

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PicPic Social has an online gallery you can use to show all of the photos from your event. 

How to setup the online gallery

To setup the gallery for your account click My Gallery >> Gallery Settings

General Settings

Subdomain: Enter a URL you want to use to get a link to your gallery. We entered "demo" so our link we give to customers will be

Page Title: This will be displayed in your browser

Header Text: This text will be displayed on the gallery page.

Logo: This will be displayed on the top of every gallery page. There is no size limit. 

Design Settings

Click into the box and use the color picker to select a color of your choice. Click the rainbow circle to accept your choice.

Add one or menu links to your navigation menu. When done, the navigation menu will be shown on all pages of your gallery. 

List Builder Settings

The list builder allows you to collect the names and e-mail address of those who visit your gallery. You can use this list to create marketing campaigns. 

Here is how the list builder will look when enabled:

Settings Explained

Enable List Builder -
When enabled this will activate the list builder on your gallery pages.
Allow bypass -
When enabled will allow the user to code the List Builder window without submitting information

Like Gate Settings

The Like Gate will prompt users to Like your page on Facebook. 

Settings Explained:

Enable Like Gate - Check this box to enable the Like Gate
Prompt message
- Edit the message that user will see when the Like Gate is enabled
Page URL
- The URL of the page you want to ask users to Like. Make sure you add the http://

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