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How To Open A Zip File From Paddee
How To Open A Zip File From Paddee

This tutorial will show you how to open the zip file that you just exported/downloaded from Paddee.

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The purpose of this guide is to show you how to unzip a Paddee template after it has been exported. A zipped file contains a folder that has been compressed to take up less storage space.

Required Steps

[A] Navigate to your template
[B] Extract the file

[A] Navigate to your template

After you export the file from Paddee, it will be saved in your Downloads folder. Your downloads folders is located in the File Explorer as seen below:

[B] Extract the file

Once you have located your design, right click on it and select "Extract All" as seen below:

Now you have a folder with the necessary files needed to import into your photo booth software.

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