[A] Create Survey

In the PicPic Social Dashboard go to Templates > Surveys and press the Blue Circle with the + sign to create a New Survey.

Enter the initial Survey information in the GENERAL section settings...

  • Name

  • Title (This will be shown on the iPad and Virtual Booth)

  • Description (This will be shown on the iPad and Virtual Booth)

  • Mandatory (Enable if you would like for guest to NOT be able to opt out of the Survey)

Now it's time to create your Survey questions. Below will break down all of the Survey question types and example of how to fill them out...

  • String: Single line question. Best used to retrieve a guest full name or email.

  • Radio: Select one question. Best used for yes or no questions.

  • Checkbox: Simple closed-ended question. Best used if you would like for a user to opt into a mailing list.

  • Text: Paragraph question. Best used if you would like more detailed information from a user.

  • Multiselect: Multiple choice question. Best used when you want guest to identify one or more correct answers in a list of possible answers.

[B] Selecting Surveys Template in Virtual Booth Events

Add the survey to your Virtual Booth event settings. You can enable it in the Add-On settings section of your event. Make sure to turn on the Add-On status for the Survey just like below...

[C] Selecting Survey Template in Sharing Station Events

Add the survey to your Sharing Station event settings. This can be found in the Advance settings section of your event just like below...

[D] Viewing your Survey Responses

You can easily view your survey responses by going back to the Template > Surveys section. You can export your Survey as a PDF or Excel sheet. Select your Survey to view the responses like I do below...

OR if you have the data collection feature as part of your plan you can easily get to your responses via the Data Capture. You can even connect the response to the user who shared by clicking 'View' in the survey column of your data information.

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