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How To Troubleshoot Hashtag Printing
How To Troubleshoot Hashtag Printing

This guide will help troubleshoot some of the common issues that you may face when using the hashtag printer feature of PicPic Social

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Common Issues

A) New hashtag images are not being detected
B) Hashtag printer is “stuck” after I press “start”
C) Images are detected but will not print


A) New hashtag images are not being detected...

  • Is the account that posted the hashtag image private or public? Hashtag printer cannot detect images from private accounts. The user must make their account public and then re-share the photo. Hashtag printer will then detect the image and make it available for printing.

  • Use Iconosquare to search for the hashtag. If you do not see the image on Iconosqaure, it means the photo is not available on Instagram and PicPic Social will not be able to detect it as well.

B) Hashtag printer is “stuck” after I press start...

  • Did you put # symbol in the hashtag field on PicPic Social? If yes, remove the # symbol and try again. If you want to do hashtag printing for “#pepsi” you should only enter “pepsi” into the field.

  • Does your hashtag have images on Instagram and Twitter? Utilize Twitter and Instagram's search function to see if images appear under your hashtag. You can also use Iconosquare to search for your hashtag. ***IMPORTANT NOTE: If there are no images found, you need to add a photo to Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag using a public account! 

  • What is your initial count set to? If your Initial count is much higher than the number of images that may exist on Instagram, you will need to reduce your Initial count to 1 and try again.

C) Images are detected but will not print...

  • Did you select your printer from the printer tab on the PicPic Social Device Server? Click the Printer tab and use these instructions to setup your printer

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