The Hashtag Printer feature within PicPic Social allows you to download images from Instagram & Twitter as soon as a guest has post them using your specified hashtag. The Instagram & Twitter images can be placed onto 4×6 sheets where they can be printed using any printer connected to the PC.

Required Steps

[A] Enabling Hashtag Printing
[B] Launch The Device Server
[C] Hashtag Printing Overlay Visual Editor

[A] Enabling Hashtag Printing

To setup the Hashtag Printing feature, press Actions > EDIT for an existing event or +NEW EVENT to create a new one. Once you are within the event settings, scroll down to the Hashtag Printing section. Continue below in this guide to see how to adjust/comprehend all of the fields within the Hashtag Printing settings...

  1. Hashtag - Please enter your hashtag without using the actual # symbol. It is recommended that you choose a hashtag that is as unique as possible.

  2. Hashtag Background/Overlay - Click on the Browse button to upload a custom background/overlay that you would like to use for your event. Click HERE to obtain a template to customize for this feature. **The PicPic Social device server also has more in-depth overlay visual editor. We elaborate thoroughly on how to adjust it in the "Hashtag Printing Overlay Visual Editor" section below.**

  3. Auto Print - Enable to print the images immediately.

  4. Initial Count - If there are already images that exist on Instagram using this hashtag, PicPic Social will only download the last X number of photos posted to Instagram. If you set this to 5, the software will download the last 5 photos posted to Instagram under the hashtag.

  5. Click this check box if you would like to enable Instagram to be monitored for new images under the designated hashtag.

  6. Click this check box if you would like to enable Twitter to be monitored for new images under the designated hashtag.

Once complete scroll to the bottom of the settings page and press UPDATE/CREATE EVENT to save your settings. 

[B] Launch The Device Server

You are now ready for the PicPic Social Device Server. This is required for you to run the Hashtag Printer. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you aren't familiar with the PicPic Social Device Seraspect of PicPic Social you can learn how to install and properly configure it here.

Launch the Device Server and select the event that you enabled the Hashtag Printer settings for. 

Press Start on the Device Server and you will be prompted to log into your Instagram/Twitter account. Please do so and begin printing images from your designated hashtag.

[C] Hashtag Printing Overlay Visual Editor

Unlike other features to adjust the hashtag printing overlay settings, it requires for you to utilize the visual editor found on the PicPic Social Device Server. The visual editor lets you customize how your printed hashtag images will look. You can use the editor to hide and show some elements of the printed images and also change your photo's orientation.

Overlay Editor Screen

Misc Settings (Click into the overlay around the avatar to view these options.)

  1. Graphics - Load the background image for the printed hashtag images

  2. Show Avatar - Will display the users social media icon from their account

  3. Show Comment - Will display the comment posted to social media with the hashtag

  4. Show Date - Will show the date the photo was uploaded to social media.

  5. Show Username - Will show the username of the user that posted to social media.

Size (Adjust the height and width of the printed hashtag images)

  1. Portrait Prints - 1200×800

  2. Landscape Prints - 800×1200

When you enable the Overlay Mode check box it removes the avatar out of sight if you want to view and customize the overlay only.

Image Mode (Click on the avatar or Instagram Image to view these settings)

  1. Location - Set the location of the avatar/Instagram Image by using the left and top options.

  2. Misc. - Border color, width of border & the option to display shadow around the avatar/Instagram Image.

  3. Rotation - You can rotate the avatar/Instagram Image.

  4. Size - This field allows you to adjust the height & width of the avatar/Instagram Image.

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