What Is A Microsite?

A Microsite is a branded landing page where an event guest can see their item (photo, video or gif) and share it to social media. Instead of sending the guest an attachment of their item, the guest is sent a link to view the file on a branded landing page where they can then share it to social media.

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Why Should I Use A Microsite?

There are many reasons to use Microsites but here are a few of the most common/popular ones...

Maximize Your Events Exposure

If you are working with marketing agencies or directly with brands, microsites are an invaluable and effortless way to increase the number of “people reached.” The link can be shared back to social media where viewers click the link and are brought to the landing page to view the shared item. The visitors to the site are exposed to any advertisements or branded messages you include on the page.

Eliminate Password Issues At Your Kiosks

A good number of people do not know their social media logins and this can be a bottleneck at your sharing kiosks. You can eliminate this headache by only enabling email, and when a guest shares their item, they get a link where they can view it on the microsite. From the microsite your guests has the option of sharing to social media any way that they please.

Allows You To Do More

A microsite is a web page. You can use the power of HTML to go above and beyond for your client to “do more” and enhance the experience with the following:

  • Add “Call to Actions”

  • Embed Youtube vides or music players

  • Add Google Analytics scripts

  • Add additional branding (changing backgrounds, adding popups)

  • Track pages views and social media shares

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