If you are new to PicPic Social, this is the first tutorial that you should read/watch. Each step in the process has a video that will show you how to setup PicPic Social successfully. Let's get started!

Table of Contents

  1. Register For PicPic Social

  2. Download & Install The Device Server

  3. Configure/Setup The PicPic Social Device Server

  4. Download The Sharing Station Software

  5. Connect The Sharing Station To The Device Server

  6. Creating & Editing Event Settings

Things That You Need To Know:

  • During the free trial period, photos that appear on your Sharing Station will have a DRAFT watermark.

  • If you have an account that is already subscribed to a plan, when you test before your event date, you will see a PENDING watermark.

  • You should ALWAYS bring your own internet to EVERY event. A 5ghz hotspot from your cell phone provider is a must have since you should never rely on a venue's WIFI.

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